​How Do I Install Mods in Dmod?​

Create a "Mods" folder in the directory "Android/Data/com.GruesomeGames.GDmod/files". Put all mod folders into there and they will show up in the addons menu in the game.


How Do I Create Mods For Dmod?

Install the unity modding SDK from the "Modding SDK" tab on this site. Create a new Unity project on Unity 2019.2.9. Add the SDK into the project. Design your level, and export the mod in the "Export" window in the "Modtool" tab.


Why Aren't Any Mods Other Than Custom Maps Working?

This most likely means that you have the Google Playstore version of the app. The Google Playstore version is unable to support code mods.

Why is My Game Lagging?

You most likely have an older, lower end phone. This is not my fault, I cannot make a game with PC quality models and textures run on devices with less than 3gb of ram or anything bellow a snapdragon 825. This game requires a standard modern phone, you do not need anything ultra powerful but as long as it is not bellow these requirements. If the game is still lagging you can contact me.

Thank you for taking interest in Dmod!